Condescension. I abhor it. And you know what I find condescending. This website. "This is a paragraph!", you tell me kindly, and I thank you profusively, as, due to my execrable stupidity, I did not realize that, and it was absolutely necessary to tell me that. Having heard your careful explanation, I am inexplicably liberated from the confusion I felt, wondering if that was a paragraph. The lack of patronization brought tears to my eyes.

The Choices and Rights of Children

About 6 months ago, I recieved a large package made out of creamy manilla paper. The package was filled with various packages and papers. First and foremost, it was my acceptance letter from University Laboratory High School, as well as pages of registration paperwork. However, according to my parents, my education wasn't my choice. They were excited that I got in, especially with my age and the low admission rates, but they were concerned anout my age, and they thought that I was too young to attend High School, not inn intellect, but in maturity. I understand their qualms, but I feel that this should be my choice.

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